General Information

Please read and follow these guidelines carefully in order to avoid delays in consideration of a grant award.

The charity

The Windmill House School Trust provides grants through educational organisations in the vicinity of Uppingham, to support cultural activities that involve children from the ages of 3 to 12 years. The Trustees will consider a diverse range of projects, but will give particular consideration to the promotion of art, music, drama, poetry and natural history. In most cases, Trustees will award grants of between £300 to £5,000. Projects that are judged by the Trustees to be of particular merit, may be considered for grants exceeding £5,000.


Applications will not be accepted in connection with the provision of services or costs that are normally, or have previously been, funded from statutory sources.

Completed applications should be sent by post or emailed to the Chairman of Trustees. During the consideration period, the Trustees may contact, or arrange visits to the applicants for further assessment. The Trustees meet 4 times each year when applications will be considered.

The decision of the Trustees is final. Applicants, whether successful or not, are required to wait a minimum of twelve months from the date of notification before applying again.


The application form acts as a summary of the submission. In addition, please supply supporting information, which should include the following where applicable:

  1. A description of the proposal and the reason it is needed. Please summarise the need you are trying to meet and provide a summary of, or reference to any evidence for it.
  2. What is the total cost? Please provide a budget for the project, with copies of quotations and estimates where possible. Grants will not usually be paid until the project is fully funded and can proceed. It is expected that grants will be spent with 12 months of receipt.
  3. Points for consideration include, what funds have you already raised?
  4. Start and finish dates. If the plan is for an ongoing project, what plans have you in place for future funding?
  5. How will you monitor and evaluate the proposal. The Trustees will require a progress report, or other evidence that the money awarded has been spent in line with the application.

While every effort will be made to adhere to the above guidelines and timescales, the Trustees reserve the right to amend them without notice. The issue of an application form or correspondence concerning an application does not imply that the application will be considered or that any grant will be made; this is at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.

Application Forms

Please use this link to an download application form in PDF format:

Completed forms should be sent to:

The Chairman
Windmill House Trust
16 Cross Bank
Great Easton
LE16 8SR

or by email to